Why I choose to teach kids Bboying

(read all the article to see my training video, and sorry for bad English)

Having been living in Germany for 2 and a half year now, I am just like other students, struggling with study life and financial problems. Also, I myself nearly forgot lots of time that this Friday is Tet, then I quickly realized how hard this week has been for me (3 exams in 5 days, with 2 nearly failed).

In the first year I have been thinking about giving up Bboying since the new life was, and still is too overwhelming for me with those unending problems above. There was a time I went to practice only once a week then stayed at home or did some work restlessly the other days. Those times I have been successfully maintained the balance in my account, and I was also able to afford a PC and a Smartphone, but the cost of not focusing on training kind of put me backwards.

Honestly I am a competitve type, I cannot sit idly and watch all the people surrounding me making progress (I know it’s a bad attitude), so I was always waiting for a chance to come back with my passion.

Thus, I was really delighted when given the class last April from where I usually trained, for 1.5 hours. Imagine you for the first time lead a class full of children – confused an d nervous as f. My head still span after those hours, when working with only 6 students.


The red one is meeee.

The nightmares sometimes continued to haunt me. In August, I voluntarily come teach a class in Hainholz, Hannover (well, for money). Surprisingly this is a all-day school (Ganztagsschule) course, so the students are annoyingly not 100% “fond of” Breakdance. 8 elementary kids ran around the room, shouted endlessly and said very rude words to me. They just didn’t want it. Honestly I asked myself that time, what did the last teacher do with the kids, as 2 of them have learned Breaking for 2 years and knew only the Indian steps and the Sweeps????? Well I kind of shouted desperately after they left their warcamp. Needless to say I dropped that class right after that f.ing day.


Look how I push the table just for them to play. 😦 😦 😦

I knew that now if I were to lead a all-day school group of children who thought they can and want to learn this type, then I might faint if I put my expectations too high on them. After 5 months, things turn more smoothly for me, I can deal with the demons more skillfully, know how to put my seriousness more into the class in center and not in those Ganztagsschule. Fyi I am going once a week to Laatzen for the school there.

Nope. I lied. I always hope that my next class will have the better ones, and my always-be-renewed methods will be in use with those.

So why am I still doing this? The answers are simple.

Honestly I need money. When the timetable is that tight for me, I need a type of job that did provide much incoming for a short man-hour. I do acknowledge that just 2 classes like above can’t do me a budget, and that I must search for more. To summary what I just need right now is 8 hours a week to lead those little tree climbers to decent Bboys / Bgirls (or just themselves).

And we can’t deny how easy this job is, comparing to others stressful ones in Central Station for students (poor the ones in Le Crobag, having received no payment in holidays 😦 ) . Timing is little, The requirements of language is not many – I can’t speak well in publics, even my mother tongue. And I’m still not mentioning about this is what I have trained for – to inspire and be inspired.

Like I said, I am not the talkative person – having traveled to a foreign country is already too much for me. But with the aid from being a teacher I can now better at communicating – especially explaining and breaking down ideas. Also I am working since last June with new friends, new concepts and have for myself a “Manager”. Hope in the future I can cooperate more with them.

Dancing has brought many new things to my life, and this job too. After 1 months I have realized the differences between the children in Vietnam and Germany – this is not only a not so small obstacle but also makes me jealous of those kids. Why did I, and many of us in my childhood get beaten by teachers and parents because of some f.ing tiny faults, and now I can’t even touch them when they nearly destroy the class. But let’s leave it aside, since I have prepared carefully for the troublemakers a fair punishment for disturbing my session. 🙂



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