Last week of winter

If you find the title familiar, then you are right: I have completed playing Last day of June for the first time – I am only now be able to obtain this game. It was loving, beautiful, and sorrowful of course, thus I recommend this Carl’s adventure to the past to all of you who wants a slow but touching experience.

But let’s leave it aside because today I’m not the game reviewer; you can read them on Kotaku for more unexpected details.

I found Hanover struggling through the last cold weather of the season while waiting for Spring around the corner. Or should I say, the “Lady Ban’s chilliness” (means “rét nàng Bân” – a tale from North Vietnam, I sometimes forgot about that because I’m Southern). Snow has piled up the whole Hanover once again, but not for long; it started on Monday afternoon and until Thursday there was no more snow falling. What a relief.

So I decided to leave home and do some sessions this week, at least it was better than staying at home cramming through the .pdf files for Tuesday’s Exam – I’ve had enough, I even dropped the Friday’s because of not knowing for sure what I was supposed to learn. Gosh the weather kind of drained my energy quickly, since the windows must always be closed and the temp is high so it is harder to breathe. Still managed to take 3 days though.

Monday training be like


Did I mention how I got trolled by the Prof in my exam? First, he uploaded the paper’s regulation in October, showing how to calculate the points. Then in January he replaced a new file with the new rule of calculation, and surprisingly, on Tuesday he made the exam with the old regulation. Oh hi mate, I revised and prepared because of your new file, mate. #killyourprof


And then there was the Breakdance Juniorbattle. Raw hype. 2 boys in my class took part in the 4-corner battle, the other smaller ones I haven’t been familiar yet; 1 made it to semi-final and this made me proud although I couldn’t go through the hungry parents to meet and coach them on the first round (my bad I should improve the ‘tackle’ skill). 1 other group took part in 3 on 3; they couldn’t get through prelim tho but we know already what we missed. Congratulations on the Hanover boys for taking the 3 on 3 u13.

Also the exhibition battle between those prodigy: Erik from Level Up and Action Jackson from Lil Jackson. Just hear the crowd and feel.


And so the hamburger dish on Saturday night ended the coldest week of a year in Germany. We shall all head to Spring, where we plan our following semester, choosing a day to come and watch flowers in Herrenhauser garden, taking off our winter jacket into the washing machine and … preparing to get allergies from flower pollens. 😉

Last but not least, comment your favorite movie in Oscar 2018.



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