Some great indie PC games I played

The list below is about the PC games – and sorry, only for Windows – that I have obtained and enjoyed for the last year. Some might be familiar, some might not, but I suggest that you should try out all of them, with the main reason being their creative idea of bringing classic categories into a whole new level.

  1. Abzu

    If you want to dance with the fish, take a ride from the back of a dolphin, befriend with great white shark, make a relaxing experience with all the creatures of the ocean gulf, then this game is for you. No sharks killing, no disease curing though – it’s for another game.


  2. Orwell

    Time to be a Google researcher – find all information relating to specific person and profile them. Solving the crimes, be a good analyst, be a keyboard hero.

    And for those who wants more, season 2: Ignorance is strength is out now for sale.


  3. Crypt of the Necrodancer

    A roguelike dungeon adventure with the female protagonist dancing on beat. The soundtrack is simple but awesome enough to make you rave. What’s more, NPC can sing. Surprise!


  4. Her story

    Again, Google analyst: you will have a computer and try to find all the existing database about a murdering case. Viva Seifert’s acting role in this game is purely amazing – makes me confused many parts. What I like the most about Her story is that the whole case is a bunch of lego pieces, and we have to build this Star Wars ship without the manual paper, and the result is absolutely not disappointing, you’ll see.


  5. Hidden folks

    A collection of good old games about finding the special characters on kiddos’ magazines, now with B&W color. Rage alerts.


  6. Death road to Canada

    Left 4 dead – pixelated version. Your party have exact 2 weeks to drive to Canada and survive through hordes of zombies, despite having continuous change in members (well everyone must be dead sooner or later). Funny how right now people in the US just want to go to Canada whether there are zombies or not. Don’t underestimate dogs though, and always trust the otakus – they are all Hideo Suzuki.


  7. Aviary Attorney

    Be a Phoenix Wright in the 1840s in Paris, where you are a Falcon and your assistant is a Sparrow. This duo will make laugh hard, ironically; don’t expect them to be like mighty Sherlock and Watson, nope. Many puns included.


  8. West of loathing

    Take your time and go to the Western, your great adventure awaits. Build a (terrible) team, choose a (terrible) horse, and fulfill some (more terrible) quests; A terribly fun game, and remember: try to read the conversation out loud – don’t ignore the spitoons. Always be aware of snakes. Snakessss are everywhere.


  9. Stacking

    Like going in a theater and watch a 1930s movie, you are a smallest boy in the family now onward to go save your brothers and sisters and your dada. The most brilliant idea about the traditional Matryoshka dolls is that you can stack them and use their ability to solve puzzles.


Indie games will of course have the flaw of repetiting the gameplay, but the ideas are fresh, the music is well-prepared, and the experience is original. Next time I will present some more Indies that can more familliar with you.


p.s: except the thumbnail, all of the images above are my in-game screenshots 😉


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