My recommended PC games list for your Easter with your friends

Note: this is originally only the English translation from my last post. Feel free to read it first if you can.

So the list below from me contains the PC games that you should, nope, not should but must, play with your gang, and those games can be enjoyed with up to 4 players. The main reasons are their acceptable prices, their easy-to-catch gameplay, and they are fun, just like that. So grab along all your gears and consoles, we goin’ havin’ a hard time boyz.

  • Broforce


Inspired from Contra, Metal Slug and the Expendables, players will dive through tons of terrorists and maybe something beyond, and remember: keep your head safe, or else everything could happen. Don’t mount the ground too much, your friends must go with you.

  • Stick fight: The game.


Fight each other to decide who has the best score. Be wary of physics, (loot)boxes, crates, aaand.. flying snakes?!

  • Left 4 dead 2


I don’t think I have to describe this game anymore.

  • Overcooked!


You are the chefs in those fast food restaurants and this game of course says no to single-handed jobs – you have to decide who cuts the onions, who grills those fish, or else your squad will be a mess in oil. To open a restaurant is one thing, but to maintain its kitchen is another story.

  • Duck game

Duck Game

Just like Stick fight – the game: you fight each other to decide who is deserved the trophy. There is little physics in this game but the amount of crazy weapons (i mean, literally crazy) will make you quack. Sorry, stunned.

  • Magicka 2Magicka-2-3

I haven’t been played Magicka but this title somehow amazes me, but you can only play with each other well in campaign mode. You are the notorious Wizard who can control 8 elements at once, and can combine them to make more. Well technically this leads to insane friendly-fire which I love the most about this.

And that’s it. Thank you all for reading and I hope I will be able to test the Bombslinger, which is out of Early Access in April 11th and also down for up-to-4 players, just like the good old Bomberman.


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