Part 1: Getting ready for the Dance game

Breakdance is the kind of art in which people must train like athletes, and that means in order to achieve greatness in this artform, one ought to be physically and mentally prepared for the Dance.

In terms of Breakdance, it is all about Foundation: take an example when one young man wants to learn Flare, he should have already known a couple of supporting moves, let’s say from the beginning, like L-sit, Windmill, Pike and et cetera – of course if he doesn’t know it then it is fine but will take him a lot of time to succeed. In other words, all the conditioning moves will be fundamental. To do this, one must plan sets of conditioning exercises suitable for his/her own health will do this every sessions – for the wrists, the arms, the legs and other muscles namely. Don’t be lazy, but don’t take it too hard early then or else our body will fall apart.


The sequence of exercises is to be considered, in my opinion, since I have suffered a major injury just because of misunderstanding of straining muscles. You can visit many Breakdance classes and the teacher will teach to stretch at the beginning of the session – I mean, static stretching – for hamstrings, wrists, back, hips, etc. and I find that dangerous, because those are for post-training, not before the training. So I can say I am more the running person: Toprocks, some body movements, basic freezes for the warm-ups, and that’s it. Then I do the dance, some choreography. Only AFTER those I will do static stretching. So I really hope my thoughts are true.

Last but not least, to do some background research, listen to Hip-hop and Rap music are also essential, since we are getting to know the fresh, free and artistic side of Breakdancing. We should also be open-minded to different POVs, to respect the other opinions, because no chance we will get involved in this culture the same like others.

Aaaand part 1: done. Please be in touch and wait for part 2: Toprocks and feelings.


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