Short thoughts #1 – a real friend

It took me 6 months since coming to Germany to know which one are real friends and which aren’t.

My high school friends, since in Vietnam it is highly recommended to have a high school group of friends to be lifetime friends, barely contact me at all. They seemed don’t care about their abroad colleagues, only when the other side had something to tell.

Then we have some guys who know nothing about my flights at all and after 4 months they can ask where I was now. Of course this will be acceptable in the letters era. But not this time. Really man.

And to think about myself, I don’t think I have many close friends, not as many as my fingers, terribly – mismatching passion, contrasting ideas and opinions. Still if you are bold to call the others as ‘friend’, and I don’t need the word ‘bro’ – true story, at least ask me once a month if I am still alive?

How amazing friends nowadays.