My first 100 hours of playing Dark souls 3

I was not really a fan of any salty franchises: Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Sundered, etc. To be honest, I “accidentally” had the game because of my unwanted subscription on Humble Bundle. But nah, turns out after 100 hours it was a fine adventure of me with myself.

The first 15 hours: Trials and errors, frustration and table flipping.

The best way to experience a exploration/RPG game is to own a controller, and that makes some PC gamers like me feel hard about camera control, aiming and visualize the mobs. It was the first time of my life I feel as weak as the ordinary mob standing in front of me, ready to wave a 3-hit-combo in my face, then the first strategy to survive was to be aggressive and take the first hand.

Then came the bosses. First impression, I screamed so freaking loud and almost shat myself when those began to transform – like Iudex Gundyr the first boss because he was already cursed by the Pus of Man – or accelerate themselves, like the Outrider Knight, then was the time of rage and frustration – “Ah come on I know their techniques already!”, said to myself after dying to them, again. Sorry my dear controller, you have been through so much.


Not today Gundyr.

Ragequits are frequent.

I admit I have lost my nerve after going to Undead Settlement – the third place in the game. Here I died more than 10 times upon the mobs, and so-so against the area boss. I also had to give up my first character because I messed up the stats of my Pyromancer class, then start over with a new and easier to approach one – the Knight.


Ragequit area ahead.

Now I will still be crying out loud when carelessly being centered in a bunch of dogs and archers, or carelessly 1, 2 hits on a knight with a full shield. It’s all about the skills and nerve – when you aren’t concentrating, you will be slaughtered by a normal knight, or left out with zero Estus flasks (your HP potions) remaining.

Getting used to the environment, but then come the jumpscares

I got back to the game, successfully invited my friend to participate so that we can kill bosses together, and learnt some basic again to outreach the mobs, then the bosses. This was the time I knew how to parry (in your face you sucka!) and backstabbing the annoying bitches which always tried to jump on my head slicing a quarter of my HP. I realized then the key to all the enemies is to be patient – especially with the big grinning giants with horizontal swings, knights with long animations dealing massive damages and other knights who know nothing about staggered effect – trust me, more than 3 hits on them and you will be dead by their counter.


The moon always set in Irithryll

Maybe the most exciting yet scary parts is when I was in Irithyll Dungeon. Not only are the jailers the dangerous but also everyone else in the dungeon is just.. unexpected. There you will find some empty cells and surprisingly hear a girl’s loud and high-pitched scream – it’s time to check your back, or some hollow boys who hate your guts and are always ready to push you down. I just didn’t think Dark souls is also creepy despite its difficulty!

“I did it!”

The bosses in the game are hard as hell but some will give you the most satisfying feelings ever when you beat them, on the other hand you will feel relieved as you stop suffering from bosses that acting like bitches by button-smashing 1 skills and giving often 4,5 hit combos without being staggered.

And, without the help of the community, I was sometimes not able to find hidden paths and tips for bosses’ weakness, as well as some unexpecting events ahead. In conclusion, I beat the Lord of Cinder after 55 hours of playing the Knight. Oh by the way, the Lord took 12 Embers of mine.


And choosing the heroic ending.


Last words

After the first playthrough, I decided to start NG+ to find more hidden items, fight new areas that I have not been daring to go in the first one and also take the DLC area, which has the most awesome weapons for the characters who wants to squish the mobs repeatedly. After all, it was a damn good time.


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